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National Center for Asphalt Testing test track


The GPS Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory has access to the National Center for Asphalt Testing (NCAT) test track ( The 1.7-mile oval track has four trucks driving on the track 16 hours a day (each driver performing an 8 hour driving shifts) and is broken into 200-foot sections of different pavement types. Detailed information on each section of the track is monitored including rut depth and coefficient of friction. Eight-hour driver shifts, changing rut depths, and detailed tire logging make the facility an ideal location for testing the algorithms developed in the area of intelligent transportation systems. GPS and inertial sensors can be mounted on the semi-trucks or our own test vehicles to validate proposed navigation and parameter and state estimation algorithms. Additionally, errors such as jamming, multi-path, and other sensor errors can be simulated to test the algorithms ability to reject these disturbances and continue to provide an accurate navigation solution.

Figure 1:


NCAT Test Track