Vehicle Modeling for Terrain Transversal and Vehicle Monitoring


The GPS and Vehicle Dynamics Lab at Auburn University is currently working with SAIC to develop precise vehicle models for terrain transversal and a vehicle monitoring system that will be used in a leader follower platoon. Vehicle models must be developed to describe the steering and mobility dynamics of both regularly steered and skid steered vehicles. These models will include high-fidelity models that include tire/terrain interaction and suspension characteristics, as well as simplified models. The vehicles we are currently working with are the LMTV, FMTV, Stryker (shown in figure1), and a surrogate vehicle. Vehicle models will provide the ability to simulate the vehicles over various terrains and gain a prediction of vehicle performance in different environments.

These vehicle models will be used in many different ways in the platoon. Critical vehicle parameters and states, like in table 1, need to be estimated on-line using the simplified vehicle models. These parameters will be used to perform precise position and velocity control, as well as monitoring certain vehicle failures. For example, tire cornering stiffness estimates can be used to improve control and estimation schemes or in a diagnostic system that monitors tire condition. The mobility models will be important in understanding vehicle limitations to traverse certain terrain and possibly provide information to the vehicle control system such as velocity limits. All this will be necessary to assure there is no vehicle failure within the platoon.

Vehicle ParameterSensorsUse
Wheel SlipGPS, INS, Wheel SpeedControl Parameter, Terrain ID
SideslipGPS, INSControl Parameter, Terrain ID
Yaw RateINS (corrected with GPS)Control Parameter
Longitudinal Tire StiffnessGPS, INS, Wheel SpeedTire Pressure, Vehicle Parameter
Tire Cornering StiffnessGPS, INS, Steer AngleVehicle Parameter, Tire Wear
Vehicle InertiaGPS, INS, Steer AngleVehicle Parameter
Vehicle MassGPS, INS, Engine TorqueVehicle Parameter
Roll StiffnessGPS, INSSuspension Monitoring
Vertical DeflectionGPS, INSGround Roughness, Suspension
Vehicle CGAxle Strain Gages, GPS, INSVehicle Parameter

Figure 1: