Comparative Performance Analysis of Aided Carrier Tracking Loop Algorithms in High Noise/High Dynamic Environments (ION 2004)


Five different approaches to GPS carrier tracking loops were compared in a simulated environment for their performance against a high dynamic/high noise environment. The loops tested were a second order loop, a third order loop, an aided second order loop, a Kalman filter, and an adaptive order loop. The simulation varied the jammer-to-signal (J/S) while holding inertial quality and acceleration profile constant. Similarly, the acceleration profile was varied with other factors constant. In a final test, the quality of inertial measurements was varied such as to resemble various qualities of available sensors and the other parameters held constant. Under high dynamics and high noise, the aided second order tracking loop provided the least amount of phase error. The adaptive order provides a good measured response under these configurations and does not requiring highly accurate accelerometer measurements.